• Weight training

BB Gym has dumbbells that range from 1 to 40 kg and there are 3 benches available.  Most people know how to train, but if you are a newbie to working out and would like a personal trainer to assist in making a trainings program, just contact our staff to make an appointment.

  • Cardio training

Get your pulse up to burn calories with our cardio training machines. BB Gym has treadmills, cross trainers, rowing and spin bikes.


  • Fitness tools

We offer different fitness tools to keep you fit and in proper shape. Here you find rubber mats for stretching and using small dumbbells, pilates balloons for exercising your back and stomach, twist to take away the side handles and hula-hoops.

  • Yoga

Yoga can provide emotional, energetic, physical, mental and, for some, spiritual benefits depending on the style of yoga and the students intention when practicing. At the BB Gym we offer different styles of yoga, what is common for them all is that we focus on personal development and having a good time! Classes run every day except for Sunday. We have one morning class at 10am and one evening class at 6.30pm. All levels of experience are welcomed, you can contact us to pre-book if you wish or just show up!

  • Boxing

BB Gym has a kick boxing bag in the garden area, gloves, kick pads and a nice airy area for training. At the moment there is no trainer at the grounds, but we hope to offer Thai boxing trainings sessions in the future.

… more to come